Dipl.-Psych. Marijana Batan

Developing Sustainable Personas


Jessnerstr. 22

10247 Berlin

Telephone: +49 (0)30 2654 1047

Email: mail@praxis-batan.de




Developing Sustainable Personas


  • Resource-oriented and solution-oriented 
  • Systemic approach



Formal procedure

There is no standardized approach. Appointments are made according to individual needs and given conditions. For further information please send your request via email: mail@praxis-batan.de



Education and admission

The legal german title for my occupation is „Therapeutical Practitioner constricted to the field of psychotherapy“. The permission for the professional practise of alternative therapy constricted to the field of psychotherapy has been granted to me on the 19th of January in 2012, after an examination by the local health authority Berlin-Lichtenberg. The exertion is regulated by german law (Heilpraktikergesetz).

I acquired my degree in psychology „Diplom-Psychologin“ at the german University of Saarland. The diploma was issued on the 3rd of January 2006.

My work is in alignment with the ethical guidelines for psychologists, as well as with the code of conduct for alternative therapeutic practitioners.

The occupation is free of VAT tax. The tax number is 14/286/01829.