Dipl.-Psych. Marijana Batan

Developing Sustainable Personas


Jessnerstr. 22

10247 Berlin

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Practise hours
  • Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 12 noon to 8 p.m.
  • Video-Sessions Monday and Tuesdays from 12 noon to 4 p.m.

Appointments have to be canceled 48 hours before, otherwise the full fee is charged. To avoid misunderstanding please always expect a written confirmation (Mail, SMS).



Here is a short overview on some of the main guidelines that lead my work.

Emphasizing individuality

There is no standardized therapy plan. Appointments are made and procedures are chosen in mutual agreement and according to your actual needs and conditions. 

Resource-oriented and solution-oriented language

The language in the therapeutical conversation will provide a secure frame, where you will be able to find your own inner coping abilites. I prioritize the practical and the useful – especially for relaxing acute difficult inner states.

Learning and re-learning

Positive Psychology is sometimes misunderstood for superficial affirmation. True is, that the positive approach faces disturbing states very well. Modern psychology confirms that we as humans learn better, when we find ourselves in positive states of mind. Healing can as well be understood as a learning process. In this sense it is my part to lead into conditions where learning something new, forgetting and re-learning the unuseful can take place. I like what Richard Bandler said about the therapeut being more of a teacher than a healer: „I don’t heal people, because I don’t think they are sick. I teach.“

Systemic approach

We stop focusing on the static elements of human life, like ourself as a person with stable traits or moods, and other people who just „are like this“. Instead we start to pay attention on what is going on in us, and between us and others – we focus on the dynamic parts, the processes.

When we find ways to see the dynamic parts, we come closer to finding solutions and relaxation. Not only healing happens, but also many other positive states arise – spontaneously.

Developing Sustainable Personas

Everybody has wishes and aims in life, and everybody encounters difficulties, illnesses and hindrances on their way. Creating sustainable personas differs from psychotherapy regarding the motivation and the goal. This is not about „How do I diminish my own restrictions?“ but instead „How can I grow bigger and be most helpful for the world and other people?“

Preventive and therapeutical health aspects go along this way, but emergency states are the main focus. It is a long-term process, meant to generate sustainable surplus and lasting resilience.

I adress people who are willing to be in charge for more than themselves, people who want to take all the responsibility for their impact – and therefore have to function very well.

The following areas will be highlighted

  • Clarifying the own vocation – acknowledging the strongest motivations
  • Handling of strengths and weaknesses – being conscious about their inner dynamics
  • Clearing social relations – bringing quality into the relationship experience
What are the results?


An energy circuit is only closed when every activity that is performed is infusing power back in the system. This is only the case, when somebody is following their vocation. Implicitly you have to feel sure that what you are doing is „the right thing“ done in „the right way“.

Psychosomatic illnesses are prevented, and even if pain and difficulties appear, stability of the mind is growing over time. For a truly meaningful set of wishes and goals can be with  pursued with perseverance.


Productivity is creating wealth. This is not about a professional career! Abundance can show itself in an occupation, but also in other areas of human life. Being productive means being creative; creating something to give to the world. Depending on your personal qualities, the ability to give, shows itself in very individual ways, e.g in good human relationships, in visible or invisible products, or in a combination of many skills. In sum this is perceived by others as real maturity and human warmth.

A strong presence

A person who is aware and can rely on all of their social, intellectual, physical, emotional and mental abilities, at any point in time, has a strong presence. Appropriate handling of every challenge in every situation is a result of awareness, readiness of mind and self-possession.

It is a long way to go, but because of the lasting benefit it is definitely worth the effort.


Education and admission

The legal german title for my occupation is „Therapeutical Practitioner constricted to the field of psychotherapy“. The permission for the professional practise of alternative therapy constricted to the field of psychotherapy has been granted to me on the 19th of January in 2012, after an examination by the local health authority Berlin-Lichtenberg. The exertion is regulated by german law (Heilpraktikergesetz).

I acquired my degree in psychology „Diplom-Psychologin“ at the german University of Saarland. The diploma was issued on the 3rd of January 2006.

My work is in alignment with the ethical guidelines for psychologists, as well as with the code of conduct for alternative therapeutic practitioners.

The occupation is free of VAT tax. The tax number is 14/286/01829.